Fisher Peak Chronicles

One of the most photographed landmarks in the Kootenay region, Mount Fisher holds the fascination of locals and visitors with its majestic vista and relatively easy access. It is our own little Mt. Everest, and scaling it has become a rite-of-passage for many outdoor enthusiasts from near and far. Fisher Peak Chronicles captures the heritage, culture and legacy of Mount Fisher through a series of real adventure stories from contributors and historical sources. To order a copy at $24.95 (plus $5.00 for shipping and mailing in Canada — $6.00 shipping to USA), Email



The adventurous life of Conrad Kain

This historical novel tells the story of Conrad Kain’s 25 years in Canada in a manner, which reflects the overall spirit and experience of the early days of alpine adventure in the Canadian Rockies – from his arrival as a young man to his later years in and around Wilmer in the Columbia Valley. To order a copy at $19.95 (plus $5.00 for shipping and mailing in Canada — $6.00 shipping to USA), Email



Life and times of Jack Fisher

This historical novel tells the story of Jack Fisher in an entertaining manner, one that reflects the overall spirit and experience of the frontier.  To order a copy at $21.95 (plus $5.00 for shipping and mailing in Canada — $6.00 shipping to USA), Email


The author unveiled his historical novel at 9,000 feet above sea level on the peak of Mt. Fisher


Fisher Peak Chronicles: “An intricately woven and well told tale”

Book Review by Ron Dart, University professor, mountaineer, and author

Fisher Creek Chronicles is a fit and fine companion read to Keith Powell’s earlier historic charmer, Living in the Shadow of Fisher Peak: The life and times of Jack Fisher (2009). Living in the Shadow of Fisher Peak is, for the most part, a historic novel of the fascinating period of time in which Jack Fisher lived, moved and had his gold rush being. But, what about Fisher Peak post-Jack Fisher days? This is where the much more compelling, up to date and recently published Fisher Creek Chronicles enters front stage.

Fisher Peak Chronicles is an intricately woven and well told tale of those who have taken to the summit of Fisher but once or many times in diverse weather conditions.  Powell rightly calls Fisher Peak “everyone’s own little Mount Everest” and that it is for many.  The historic overview of the interest in Fisher begins, slowly, in the 19th century, and in the 20th century, the many ascents to the summit become part of legend and lore. Most of Fisher Creek Chronicles is a wisely paced description of groups, individuals and friends that have been called by Fisher to climb and see from such an alluring summit the panoramic sights that can be seen. There have been accidents on the climbs, deaths, nasty weather and blue canopy delights—Powell, to his raconteur credit, tells each dramatic story in a most readable, robust and attractive manner. 

There are many fine photos (black-white and coloured), poems, memorabilia, maps, and even the Stanley Cup held high by Scott Niedermayer in 2000—there is also a final wedding vows photo on the summit. Most of the thirty chapters in the Fisher Peak Chronicles sum up nicely the drama and challenge of the climbs to Fisher’s inviting summit and point the way, in a historic manner, to the next unfolding climb to the peak of Fisher, the obvious rite of passage mountain and icon in the area. The epilogue, bibliography and concluding photos bring the book to natural and needful end.

There can be no doubt that Keith Powell has done yeoman’s  mountaineering service to Fisher Peak (and all those that have and hope to climb Fisher) in Fisher Creek Chronicles—the curious reader cannot help but, in a vicarious way, take the many trips to Fisher Peak with those who have done the demanding deed—do purchase this charmer of a book—imagination will be awoken and a call go forth to follow in the footsteps of those who are now inscribed in the chronicles.


Fisher Peak Chronicles: Open House & Book Signing Event – Kootenay Authors Meet & Greet


Author Keith G. Powell, along with Lotus Books, is hosting an open house and book signing event on Saturday, December 6th, 2 to 4 pm.  Everyone is welcome to stop by for coffee and cookies.  It’s a great way to learn about Kootenay books and do a meet and greet with a number of Kootenay authors who will be in the store for the afternoon.

Keith G. Powell, author of the popular new book, Fisher Peak Chronicles will be on hand to share his Mount Fisher stories, sign his new book and collect any new Fisher Peak stories and photos people might like to share. This is your opportunity to visit with many of the contributors to the book who also have been invited to attend this event.

“This is really an appreciation event, and an open house for the public.  It is a great opportunity to thank all the dozens of contributors to my new book, Fisher Peak Chronicles.” said Keith G. Powell.  “So many people generously contributed their stories and photos to the project, so I wanted to thank them with a special event.  I am hoping that people will also bring their Mount Fisher stories and photos to share with everyone else.  Who knows, maybe some of these stories will end up in a future edition of the book?”

Fisher Peak Chronicles, just released this fall, contains over 30 accounts of adventures on Mount Fisher, dating back to the first time the mountain was climbed in 1910, and has over 70 photographs documenting much of the Fisher Peak experience and history. 

“Fisher Peak Chronicles has been one of our best-selling books this fall. We are excited to host this event and to have so many Kootenay authors in-store too,” said Erin Dalton, owner of Lotus Books. “At Lotus Books, we love special events and this is a great way for us to support the local writers in the community and give our customers the chance to meet these authors in a casual, comfortable setting.”

You are invited to come by and meet local authors this Saturday, December 6th, at Lotus Books 33 –10thAvenue South in downtown Cranbrook, 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Kootenay authors in attendance:

Keith G. Powell: Cranbrook author of Living in the Shadow of Fisher Peak and Raising Kain, the adventurous life of Conrad Kain and the new book, Fisher Peak Chronicles.

Brendan Gillen: This Cranbrook author of has published over a half a dozen adventure stories in the grand tradition of Jack London—man verses the elements. His newest book is hot of press with more adventures from Stewart, B.C. and Canada’s high north.

Colin Cartwright: Canal Flat resident Colin Cartwright knows of what he writes. His two books are Empty on the Swan and Kootenay Bearsare exquisite reads and as he shares his personal knowledge and adventures.

Janet Penner: Just published last year, Cranbrook author Janet Penner’s book is the touching personal family memoir, Waltzing with My Dad.  Janet has written a true story of growing up a northern girl who often faced unexpected challenges. It has proven to be a hard-to-put-down page turner.

Susan Lohrer: This Creston writer has just published a new romantic comedy called Over the Edge and she is also the author of another romantic comedy novel entitled Rocky Road.

Drop by for coffee and cookies and spend an enjoyable afternoon chatting with local Kootenay authors.


Fisher Peak Chronicles: Go Kootenays Interview on Shaw TV

Host James Farnan of the local television program Go Kootenays on Shaw TV interviews Keith G. Powell publisher/author of the Fisher Peak Chronicles.

James Farnan sits down for a chat on location at Cranbrook's Lotus Books, to get the story behind the stories of Mount Fisher as he features the new book Fisher Peak Chronicles in one of his weekly video segments.

Fisher Peak Chronicles was recently released in September and is available at local bookstores throughout the Kootenays. 

Check out the video below:


I Love Creston Magazine Features New Book: Fisher Peak Chronicles

The popular community magazine in Creston called I Love Creston recently featured an article on my new book, Fisher Peak Chronicles.

You will find the article on page 18 of the November issue. Click here to view the story

Fisher Peak Chronicles is available at Black Bear Book in downtown Creston. The new book tells the story and legacy of Mt Fisher, near Fort Steele — both from a historic and contemporary viewpoint.

The book sells for $24.95, contains over 70 photos including an eight page full-colour insert featuring the photos of many of the Kootenay's finest photographers.


Fisher Peak Chronicles Visits Lakit Lookout

 Photo by Linda Powell

On the recent holiday Monday I had the pleasure of visiting Lakit Lookout with a group of about a dozen friends.  It was a cool and bit overcast day but a great hike all the same.

We took the opportunity to stop and visit Fisherville on the way up.  A midst a beautiful array of fall colours, I conducted a short historical tour, through the old Fisherville cemetery and onto Tommy Walker's grave site.  The group said they felt like they were on a high school field trip — listening to their teacher, "Yes, Mr. Powell." 

Without any fanfare, the 150th anniversary of the gold strike on Wild Horse Creek in 1864, is slipping by, so I was happy to remind a few friends of how the gold rush opened the East Kootenay to future development —and that the banks of Wild Horse Creek were home to the first government office and postal office at Kootenay.

Lakit Mountain Lookout is one of the classic (and easy) hikes in the southern Rockies. It felt good sitting inside the old lookout building next a to warm fire on a cool, breezy autumn day -- munching on trail mix and baloney sandwiches.

I took along a copy of my new book the Fisher Peak Chronicles hoping to get a shot of Mt. Fisher peeking out of the clouds.  As you can see the clouds didn't co-operate.

Looking for an enjoyable hike, check out Lakit Mountain.  Just remember the road is definitely 4-wheel drive territory but the short (but steep) hike gives a great view of the valley below.