Fisher Peak Chronicles

One of the most photographed landmarks in the Kootenay region, Mount Fisher holds the fascination of locals and visitors with its majestic vista and relatively easy access. It is our own little Mt. Everest, and scaling it has become a rite-of-passage for many outdoor enthusiasts from near and far. Fisher Peak Chronicles captures the heritage, culture and legacy of Mount Fisher through a series of real adventure stories from contributors and historical sources. To order a copy at $24.95 (plus $5.00 for shipping and mailing in Canada — $6.00 shipping to USA), Email



The adventurous life of Conrad Kain

This historical novel tells the story of Conrad Kain’s 25 years in Canada in a manner, which reflects the overall spirit and experience of the early days of alpine adventure in the Canadian Rockies – from his arrival as a young man to his later years in and around Wilmer in the Columbia Valley. To order a copy at $19.95 (plus $5.00 for shipping and mailing in Canada — $6.00 shipping to USA), Email



Life and times of Jack Fisher

This historical novel tells the story of Jack Fisher in an entertaining manner, one that reflects the overall spirit and experience of the frontier.  To order a copy at $21.95 (plus $5.00 for shipping and mailing in Canada — $6.00 shipping to USA), Email


The author unveiled his historical novel at 9,000 feet above sea level on the peak of Mt. Fisher


BC Ferries adds new historical novel “Raising Kain” to its gift shops

It's case of west coast culture meeting Rocky Mountain culture with the addition of the new historical novel, Raising Kain by Keith G. Powell, a Kootenay-based author/publisher.

“I am thrilled to have BC Ferries gift shops carry my new book, Raising Kain,” said author Keith G. Powell. “Travelers on the BC Ferries can now pick up a copy of the book and enjoy the colourful stories of the adventures of this young Austrian mountain guide who came to Canada in 1909 and quickly became one of Canada's finest mountain guides.”

Passages Gift Shops are uniquely West Coast in feel and theme. Passages is now home to the new book Raising Kain, the adventurous life of Conrad Kain, Canada's greatest mountaineer. The book sells for $19.95 and contains over 20 historical photos of Conrad Kain's life.

BC Ferries owns and operates 18 gift shop/newsstands in 16 vessel and 2 terminal locations on 9 different routes across coastal British Columbia.

While the BC ferries serve customers from all over the world, their target market is primarily local travellers -- comprising around 70% of the total passenger mix. That's why I believe Raising Kain is good fit on BC Ferries, because it's a BC adventure story that both locals and international travelers will enjoy, the author added.

Passages Gift Shops have received national industry recognition from the Canadian Gift and Table Ware Association. In 1998, Passages Gift Shops were awarded Western Canada Retailer of the Year for three plus stores for outstanding achievement in giftware retailing.

In 2004, Passages Gift Shops were again honoured by the Canadian Gift and Table Ware Association with an Honourable Mention, Retailer of the Year.

Raising Kain, the adventurous life of Conrad Kain, Canada's greatest mountaineer, is the second book by BC author Keith G. Powell. His first book Living in the Shadow of Fisher Peak was published in 2009.


Raising Kain popping up in libraries across B.C.

The Vanderhoof Public Library is the latest B.C. library to add the new historical novel, Raising Kain to their collection.

The new is historical novel, Riaising Kain, the adventurous life of Conrad Kain -- Canada's greatest mountaineer continues to be added to library collections throughout B.C. The new book which tells the colourful story of Austrian mountain guide Conrad Kain's adventures in the Canadian Rockies has captured the imaginations of many readers.

"It's great to see so much interest in Raising Kain," said author Keith Powell. "I hope even more libraries throughout B.C. and Alberta add the book to their collections because I believe that Conrad Kain's story is one that readers will certainly enjoy."

Other libraries that have added the book to their libraries include Burnaby Public Library, Castlegar, Kimberley, Cranbrook, the Okanagan Regional Libraries System, Prince George, Sparwood, Thompson-Nicola Regional Libraries system, College of the Rockies and most recently Vanderhoof in central B.C.

Conrad Kain was a great mountain guide and his story is sure to make for great summer reading. So if you are looking for an enjoyable summer read stop by your local bookstore or public library and pickup a copy of Raising Kain.

If your local library doesn't have a copy of Raising Kain yet, please ask your librarian to order a copy.


Conrad Kain recognized in Banff's Cascade Plaza

As you enter the Cascade Plaza in downtown Banff you can't help but notice the bronze statue of Conrad Kain. The display is part of Canadian Ski Museum West which is a tribute to Banff National Park's historical contribution to Canada's skiing heritage.

An accompanying plaque states, "Conrad Kain was one of many European mountain guides that were instrumental in the early development of winter sports in the Canadian Rockies....Discover the introduction of "Nordic Style" of skiing in the early 1900's in the Canadian Rockies, the founding of the Banff Ski Club and the establishment of the backcountry lodges."

So the next time you visit Banff, take a few minutes to visit the Canadian Ski Museum West in the Cascade Plaza.

The new historical novel Raising Kain, the adventurous life of Conrad Kain, Canada's greatest mountaineer is available at the Cafe Books in Canmore and bookstores in Banff.

Conrad Kain recognized in Banff's Cascade Plaza


Book Review by Ron Dart, of the Federation of Mountain Clubs of British Columbia

Conrad Kain was definitely the crown jewel of the 1st generation of Canadian mountaineers. Earle Birney, one of our finest Canadian poets, lauded Kain in his dramatic poem sequence, Conrad Kain (1949). Where the Clouds Can Go tells, in a graphic and not to be forgotten way, the full and vibrant, demanding and challenging life that Kain lived. The combination of poetic biography by Birney and edited prose autobiography by J. Monroe Thorington offers the curious reader a variety of paths to trek into the multilayered world and ethos of Conrad Kain.

The publication of Raising Kain should be greeted with much applause. This innovative tome is part biography, part fiction and part delving into Kain’s varied life via a creative journalistic approach. The book claims to be a ‘historic novel’ and that it is in many ways. Facts are carefully laid on the table, but there is also some ‘purely fictional’ interjections in the biography that spice up the tale being told. The front cover has an iconic black-white photo of the young Kain as an insert with a larger photograph of a soft alpine glow hovering on a snow crowned peak. The book is also laced with excellent and not often seen photos that depict and judiciously describe Kain’s mountain life from Austria to Canada. Raising Kain is, in short, a superb companion interpretation of Kain that cleverly complements other reads of Kain.

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Singer/Songwriter Mark Koenig performs: Where the Clouds Can Go

Singer/Songwriter Mark Koenig of Creston, B.C., (Lister to be exact) is a longtime fan of Conrad Kain.  Mark is also an enthusiatic mountain climber and has over the years climbed a number of the Kain routes in the Rockies.

At the official launch of his new book, Raising Kain, Keith Powell was pleased to have Mark Koenig provide some great musical entertainment including performing his tribute song to Kain called Where the Clouds Can Go. Thanks goes out to everyone who attended the opening night and a special thanks to singer Mark Koenig.

Here is a brief video clip of Mark Koenig performing his song on opening night at the Cranbrook Public Library.